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Technology Breakfluid
Technology Breakfluid
Technology Breakfluid
Prioritize safety and driving comfort

We prioritize the safety and driving comfort of all our consumers. Supported by research and advanced technology, we strive to innovate brake fluid technology for better performance.

Formulated with additives at high boiling points, we utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that our brake fluid is heat-resistant and does not deform at any stage of the process.

Riding uphill, downhill, or bringing your vehicle to a stop?

That won’t change a thing! Built to always function at optimum conditions, the Jumbo brake fluid adapts to different situations and all braking systems. It is able to constantly maintain stability at high and low temperatures, allowing your vehicle to reach maximum braking functionality.

Jumbo brake fluid maintains the condition of the brake seal and keeps it protected. This ensures the durability of the brake seal and reduces the chances of damage, along with wear and tear. In addition, our brake fluid prevents rust and corrosion on metal – this means a lesser possibility of brake failure.

The science behind it all ...
  • An instability in temperature causes foam to emerge, causing the quality of brake fluid to decrease.
  • This risks the reduction of the overall boiling point.
  • Even with the lever pedal or brake lever tapped at maximum, without a high boiling point, the traction brake will not attain optimum efficiency.
  • With Jumbo brake fluid’s stability, the temperature change will not affect your vehicle’s performance.
  • A poor-quality brake fluid will not be able to prevent damage to the brake system components under unstable conditions, resulting in a higher risk of brake failure.

Make the best choice for your vehicle today and choose Jumbo brake fluid for optimum brake performance.

Better Ride, Better Life.