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Have you ever wondered why some lubricants are ineffective, especially under extreme weather conditions?

So have we! Over the years we have pondered over? this very same question and have come to develop a unique technology in lubrication production that far surpasses the rest.

Morph Technology is specially designed to anticipate fluctuating temperatures and all driving conditions, providing maximum protection and preventing damage to your vehicle’s engine.

The ability to be flexible in every situation – be it extremely hot or cold conditions, long haul trips, or trip losses (stop and go) – is highly valued by PT Jumbo Power International for the benefit of our consumers.

Our lubricants are processed with superior technology, and made from the best synthetic base oil and additives, resulting in an adaptive and protective solution for machines – according to the climate.

Imagine driving through an extremely dry and hot road, with the withering sun beating down and overheating your engines.

With Morph Technology, you don’t have to worry, because our lubricants are laden with sophisticated additives that will provide optimal cooling in the heat, and safeguard the engine in extreme cold weather too. It works both ways!

The lubricant will morph automatically to facilitate a reactionary response to your machine’s environment and condition. With such a smooth performance, it reduces the risk of difficulty in starting the machine even in extremely cold conditions.

Let Morph Technology take care of your machine every day.

Your daily commute on the vehicle adds a gradual toll on the engine. Traffic jams (stop and go), driving in reverse and even high-speed conditions play a part in the erosion of the gears and the engine.

Fortunately, Morph Technology has a fully automated engine protection and engine wear protection system – this means that the lubricant is always ready to prevent the machine from overheating too quickly, and keeps the engine parts (pistons and piston rings) well-oiled at maximum fuel efficiency.

For long-distance driving, especially for vehicles with a low oil consumption rate, Morph Technology will automatically contribute to the protection of the engine and aid in preventing evaporation in the combustion chamber.

Even more benefits ...
  • Maintains durability of your vehicle in carrying performance and lubrication.
  • Engine cleanliness protection, leading to longer intervals between oil replacements.
  • Reduces friction in the engine, resulting in smoother performance.

We believe that morphing to adapt to every situation is key in the deliverance of high-end lubricants. Choose Morph Technology for a superior experience that will protect your machine, come rain or shine.

Better Ride, Better Life